8/4/18 17th Annual Historic Filipinotown Festival 4:45 PM

2/18/2016 Downtown LA “Make It Happen Fest”

01/09/2016 Elizabeth Ann Pineda BENEFIT@The Smell

8/14/2015 KXLU 88.9 FM LIVE At Time Warp Records 6-8pm

8/7/2015 Release party at The Smell in downtown Los Angeles

4/25/2015 Pehrspace Show in Filipinotown

4/24/2015 SSS Gallery Show in Chinatown

7/19/2014 LA Record Art Show


7/3 – a week or so ago Deseret Rodriguez asked me to play some shows. I wasn’t ready. Then on one of the slots she offered me, I saw someone DJ it. It got me thinking, oh I should DJ sometime. I actually started out DJ’ing first between two cassette decks and a mixer. Anyway, without expressing that, today I was asked to DJ at the grand opening of Echo Chamber tomorrow. Visit the Facebook Event for details

6/29 – I was invited to do a spoken word or rap at Rrose in a Prose at The Pickle Factory. The theme is “Finish What You Started”. I plan on doing a song from “Onslaught” called “Be Afraid Of The Old”.

It’s another great lit event, this time co-hosted by DM Collins and Daniel Austin Warren!

Gitane Demone
Peggy Dobreer
Daniel Austin Warren
Kera Armendariz (of Kera and The Lesbians)
Franki Elliot
Bela Lugosi (AKA Michael Nhat)
DM Collins

Musical accompaniment by Wolf Prize.

Plus the “urban” slam poetry of MCDC!



april 7 the la fort show flyer

Mezz Bar Show March 5 2013



October 26th at Stone House


September 22nd at a desert party


September 8th, 2012 at The Satellite in Silverlake with Luna is Honey and Manhattan Murder Mysery at 9pm.


September 5th, 2012 at KSPC in Claremont LIVE on The Garden Hour with DJ Maimes


Saturday August 2012 at The Satellite in Silverlake with Luna is Honey


Friday August 2012 Fuck the Heat Pool Party in Highland Park with Dylan Doren


August 8th at Sancho Gallery: Click Here


August 17th at The Mezz Bar: Click Here


August 18th at La Puente Artwalk


July 28 at The Smell


June 23 at Human Resources


June 1st at Home Room (Living Room Release Party w/So Many Wizards)


February 4th at Sancho Gallery





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