White People Playing Asians in Movies

“I wholeheartedly agree that the live-action Akira remake should just be re-named Randy. I’ve said it many times before, and I’ll say it again: Hollywood can make a movie set anywhere in the world, in any era of history… and still somehow find a way for the movie to star a white guy. Always.” Angry Asian Man

I don’t think the people who run Hollywood give a fuck about Asian-Americans. I think they intentionally dehumanize, exploit, vilify and shun us from mainstream culture as much as they can. And your future are proud of it’s racism.

Racism happening to Asian American’s in broad daylight gets downplayed to the point that white and black american’s don’t even acknowledge it. They don’t realize the things they do are more racist than they think. Maybe that’s how America wants it. History has shown that for decades you’ve been conditioning your children to believe we’re “the enemy”. We’re the “foreigners” who don’t belong here. So I guess you’re actually following your grandpa’s orders.

Recently, Fox’s “Dads” came out. I did watch it. I had to see what kind of good-ole’ fashioned American racism towards us gooks was going on… but I won’t watch again. It wasn’t funny. And it was offensive and made me want to change the channel. I feel guilty giving them my one view on Hulu.com.

It’s 2014 and America is still treating us like that awfully racist portrayal of an Asian neighbor in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, whom was played by caucasian actor Mickey Rooney.

Iron Man 3′s The Mandarin? I know Ben Kingsley is Indian, but you know damn right you could’ve casted Daniel Day Kim, Ken Leung, Francois Chau, Ken Watanabe, Chow Yun Fat, Wang Leehom, etc. But you go with Ben Kingsley? Another recent one is Cloud Atlas. They have no problem casting an Asian Female for the proper role, but cast another Caucasian actor to portray an Asian as her opposite. Do you ever wonder what we Asians, are thinking when we watch your “Yellow-face” films?

I think it’s bigotry and racism. I am sold that you do this to perpetuate the dehumanization of Asian males. You and some of your friends have Asian female fetishes and you want to uphold onto a pedestal the image of a white hero and Madame Butterfly. You have no concern to market Asian males as desirable lead characters. You are a bigot. You favor a certain race over all others and it’s apparent.

All of your Hollywood remakes of Asian films starring White actors is an insult. What’s worse is that you can’t even remake them that well. Hell, you can’t even make them up to par with the original. Have you seen your remakes? Half the people watching don’t even know they are remakes of an Asian film and you like that also. Even though they are shitty films, you’re getting off on taking a good idea and getting away with viewers believing it was your idea.

This has nothing to do with Asian males, but look at your comments toward Miss America. See how pissed you got when something of “yours” is “miscast”? I know in your redneck hearts you firmly believe the word American means you’re white. And thus, Miss America should be… white. Just like, we think roles like Emperor Ming in “Flash Gordon” should be acted by an Asian actor. Of course, we don’t get what we want, but you don’t see us tweeting racist comments all over it. And we actually have the right to, because American does NOT mean “white”. We should be pissed. You’re the ones who have absolutely zero right to be pissed over Miss fucking America.

Remember the TV show “Kung-Fu”? With David Carradine playing a role written for Bruce Lee? “Balls of Fury” with Christopher Walken as Mr. Feng?  The film “21″ is a true story based on a mainly all Asian blackjack team, but in the film are played by Caucasians except for two. “Speed Racer” is based on Japanese anime, but the film is predominately white.

You will be pleased to learn, you’ve made me racist against you. You’ve made me a bigot who favors Asians. You have made me realize how little respect you have for us. So, I’m sorry your intent to make me feel more shitty about my race and go get surgery like Julie Chen isn’t working in the 21st Century. Instead of admiring you more, I despise your white-washing. Forget Orson Welles, I’m doing “Macbeth” with an all Asian cast in Los Angeles.

The platoon sergeant was telling the buck sergeant a story about how his company had done this massacre of roughly forty women and kids from a small hamlet one night. “Jesus,” the buck sergeant said, “how did you shoot women and kids?”

“Just closed my eyes and followed orders,” the other guy said.

There was other stuff, too. Even with all of that I had not gotten it. There was a pattern to all this. It was on purpose. The whole plan all along really was to kill a lot of gooks. Didn’t really matter who they were. What was happening all around us in Vietnam was not a strategy that went awry, or one that had some unforeseen and regrettable consequences for civilians, but one in which the deliberate military aim was to lay waste the countryside. Yes, yes, kill them all. Let God sort ’em out. The brass knew what they were doing. They knew what we were doing.

-Ronald Ridenhour (from “Jesus Was A Gook”)

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