I stopped eating meat until about a week later

I have not written any songs in about two months since May 2012. Which is a long time for me, I’m used to writing daily or every other day. Weekly at the latest. So last night I wrote three songs. Here’s a verse.

I stopped eating meat until about a week later

I was eating meat again until a week later

No more alligator I’m a walking contradiction

like everyone else in the world with an addiction

which used to be pop but now it’s making stuff

I like sex rough sometimes i tape it cause

no ones making porn for hipsters

by hipsters are you offended that I hit her?

it’s just role play – blame it on the scorpio in

me – I like monopoly

as a card game – local fame has

gotten me a girlfriend but also hate

I’m 5’8 no wait i’m 5’5 and

25 pounds overweight a guy like I – in

his 30’s, could never kiss the girls I got (with no)

pot to piss in, I only wear black socks

Published by Ten-Headed Skeleton

"Above most lyrical works around him" - LA Record

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